250px EcologyTheta.svg - Sustainable, Green, Eco-friendly, Environmental, Organic...Give it a name...It's time has comeRemember Ecology from the 1970s?

The news is filled with stories that link our consumer habits and the products we buy with our health and the health of the planet. These stories contain lessons about becoming educated consumers: the recall of toxic toys from China reminds us to learn more about what is in the products we buy and where they come from – and to support natural products.

2007 may be the year when awareness of all things “green” really hits the mainstream. In the December 3rd issue of Time Magazine, Whoopi Goldberg said “The word green” should be person of the year. Everywhere people and the media are talking about “green” and increasingly demanding products that are “organic”, “non-toxic”, “energy efficient” and “recycled”.—-Glenn Hasek from Green Lodging News pointed out these facts and more about overseas imports and their lack of sustainablility.

According to Peter Lauria of the New York Post, Discovery Communications has scooped up a companion Web site to its upcoming Planet Green cable network, agreeing to buy Treehugger.com for about $10 million, The Post has learned. The deal, expected to be announced today, marks the first acquisition for Discovery under new CEO David Zaslav and aims to build on the cultural movement toward environmentally friendly personal and business practices.Not unlike the combination of Petfinder.com and Animal Planet, Treehugger.com, which was founded in 2004 and attracts 1.4 million unique monthly visitors, will serve as a digital compliment to Planet Green.Discovery plans to pour several hundred million dollars into developing Planet Green over the next five years. The network, scheduled to launch in 50 million homes in the first quarter of 2008, has already enlisted actor Leonardo DiCaprio to work on its signature series, “Eco-Town.”The time is now to look into Sustainable Furniture.  For all the answers to all the questions you never knew you had about furniture and its role in saving your environment, look no further than SustainableFurnitureCouncil.org.  Urban Woods is proud to be a founding member of the Sustainable Furniture Council.

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