The high-stakes race is on. The competitors are the smartest minds in America, from venture capitalists in California to scientists in Alaska and inventors in garages across the nation. The goal is to solve the world’s greatest crisis. And the prize will be the biggest explosion of wealth ever witnessed.

The Challenge: Stop Global Warming

Global warming could change life on earth as we know it. Fiercer storms, rising seas, and severe drought could become the new normal. But it doesn’t have to be that way — a stable climate is within our reach. A new generation of energy entrepreneurs is leading the way.

The Approach: Urgency, Optimism and Entrepreneurship

Earth: The Sequel sends out an urgent call to arms. But it in sharp contrast to most of who you’ll read about global warming, this is a call filled with abundant optimism. The men and women it profiles are already transforming the energy sector, showing the best of America’s entrepreneurial spirit. They are to paving a way, once again, for the United States to lead the world out of crisis.

“Energy is the mother of all markets” – John Doerr (Google’s first funder)

The Contenders: Who’s Winning the Race?

  • Three young scientists (a surfer and his pals) who genetically engineer yeast so it can ferment sugar into green fuel that can go right into existing pipelines, cars, trucks and planes.
  • A bioengineer redesigning viruses so that they assemble themselves into the most powerful batteries ever seen.
  • A tribe of Native Americans, for two thousand years fisherman in the roughest Pacific waters, who are now exploiting the power of the waves for a different kind of profit.
  • A frontiersman who keeps his ice hotel frozen all summer long with the energy of hot springs.

The Book: A Glimpse of Energy’s Future

This book is about the people who will solve the climate crisis and create wealth at the same time. It is about the minds that will save the planet, and what we can do to help them.

Earth: The Sequel asks of us that we act as a nation to give them the chance to compete fairly in the world’s biggest business. We can avert the crisis, make the planet safe, and beat the climate challenge.

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