Non Toxic Stain:
Nina20Stain20tester - Urban Woods puts Non-Toxic Stain to the Test

The most sustainable furniture company in America must be sure to only use 100% reclaimed wood in its product thus harming no forest anywhere in the world.  The next thing that is important is to develop a stain that looks beautiful, shows off the exotic grain of the vintage reclaimed wood and is non-toxic.

A lot of companies may claim to be “SUSTAINABLE” or “GREEN” but you won’t see this at other companies.

Yesterday I was taking pictures of a new product and put Nina (11 months) on the floor for a second.  The next thing I know, she is covered in our stain.  Someone in our office (I won’t name names) was working on a small test batch of stain for some samples and left a cup with a spoon in it on a table covered with wood samples.  Nina likes to play with wood blocks (AKA wood samples) and headed over to test the product.  Good thing the stain REALLY IS NON-TOXIC. 

Now, does anybody know a good eco-friendly carpet cleaner???

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