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Urban Woods: Best Bed of 2008

bed - Urban Woods Voted Best Bed of 2008I know what you’re thinking. It’s a little early in the new year for “Best of” predictions, right? Well, I’m sorry, but it was a wonderfully fun holiday – a little too fun if you catch my drift – and all I really want to do is go back to sleep. I’ve got beds on the brain in a major way.

Luckily, Urban Woods makes such gorgeous green beds that I can drool all bleary-eyed over them for several slow-moving hours this morning and still call it work. I’m pretty sure I drooled longest over the posh Sunset bed pictured above, but the Doheney and Trousdale beds pictured below received their fair shake of wistful adoration as well. All of Urban Woods furniture is made by hand in LA using wood salvaged from local building tear downs.

Here’s to sweet dreams in 2008!

bed 2 - Urban Woods Voted Best Bed of 2008
bed 1 - Urban Woods Voted Best Bed of 2008

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