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Urban Woods makes the best reclaimed wood furniture in America. The Los Angeles factory has been making reclaimed wood furniture since 2004. We use non-toxic stains and finishes to produce Zero VOC furniture. Our sustainable furniture factory makes non toxic bed frames for companies like Coyuchi, Avocado Green Mattress and Viva Terra. These companies share a commitment to sustainability and a healthy lifestyle. Urban Woods furniture is available through authorized showrooms, on-line retailers and the Urban Woods website. If there is not a dealer near you then we encourage you to contact us directly for more information. Custom reclaimed furniture is made to order for designers and their clients who are looking for a specific size or style.  Custom wooden furniture can be made sustainably with non toxic materials.  When selecting the best furniture maker, consider the material and process used. Whether you need a modern platform bed, a mid-century entertainment cabinet or a farmhouse table, you can have any style built for you in 3-4 weeks. Reclaimed natural wood bed frames are healthier. Zero VOC eco wood non-toxic natural bed frames are made to help you sleep better. The best bed frame for an organic latex mattress is natural and chemical free. The distinct beauty of reclaimed wood is preserved in our handmade furniture. We make custom designs for specific needs to fit in any environment. Traditional or modern wood furniture is made to last a lifetime. Reclaimed wood has many advantages. The grain of the timber has tight growth rings that show the superior density of the wood. The natural patina and color of the old-growth timber is preserved in the manufacturing process. The look and feel that cannot be replicated in new wood. The wood that is selected to make the best reclaimed furniture was originally harvested and milled 50 to 100 years ago and has been seasoned in sunny Southern California for decades. The vintage wood has better stability and resistance to future distortion or structural movement. At Urban Woods we make beautiful, eco-friendly furniture in the most sustainable way. We do not use imported hardwoods (which harms the rainforest), MDF, nor toxic glues. Using reclaimed wood allows our factory to minimize damage to the worlds forests, recycle waste wood, and provide local jobs in our community.

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All woods are reclaimed from local sources in Los Angeles, reducing forest clear destruction and air pollution.  Carbon sequestered by trees is stored for the life of the furniture so it is not released into the atmosphere by decomposing in the landfill. No trees are harmed in the manufacturing of this product. American made furniture.

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