Screen Shot 2023 11 14 at 1.31.03 PM - Urban Woods Furniture Thanksgiving Sale

As we all know Black Friday and Thanksgiving are just around the corner, it’s time to keep our eyes out for all the items we have wanted to purchase all year at a discount.

This year is the perfect year to revamp your home with new furniture that will be perfect forever. Urban Woods furniture uses reclaimed Douglas fir wood, which is a hard heavy wood to last a lifetime.

Remember our grandparent’s furniture which lasted in their homes for many generations, countless stories told around dining tables, and lots of memories playing board games on grandma’s coffee table in her cozy living room. This is what we all desire in our homes: furniture that is made to last, and quality memories to be made in our homes. Bring the joy and nostalgia back into your lives with Urban Woods furniture to last generations in your family.

As Thanksgiving arrives just around the corner, reflect on cherished moments, express gratitude for shared experiences, savor nostalgia, create new memories, and appreciate the joy-filled journey together. Next year, you will be able to continue making memories around a dining table that is made to last, from Urban Woods.

This year, enjoy a Thanksgiving Week sale, through November 19-25, purchase any item of furniture and use code: Thankful2023 for 30% off your purchase.

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