Bowmont Trestle dining table - Custom Made EcoFriendly Furniture by Urban Woods

custom wood dining table

Designers and retailers are choosing custom furniture from reclaimed wood with the eco-friendly manufacturing processes available from Urban Woods. A custom wood dining table can be made to your specification up to 15 feet long.

Retailers and designers agree that the peace of mind and quick turn around time of our sustainable, American made, chemical free furniture beats their former sources over seas. Americans are starting to request “made in the USA” again for their household purchases and the fact that they can get exactly the dimensions and finishes they need in a relatively quick time period is a big selling point. Organic furniture designs that are made with sustainable materials.

All eco-friendly furniture at Urban Woods is made of reclaimed wood and finished with water based stains and zero VOC finishes.
Get what you need at www.urbanwoods.net

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