Eco-friendly Entourage star “Ari” and his Hydrpriven - Eco-friendly Entourage Stars are True to their Characters...ogen BMW 7 in the red zone on Robertson Boulevard

Jeremy Piven was lucky enough to get a loaner Hydrogen BMW 7 in order to promote the clean driving concept car and the widespread use of hydrogen as an alternative fuel.  The Hydrogen BMW has a 12 cylinder engine which can run on either gasoline or hydrogen and at the flip of a switch.  While there are no hydrogen stations in Beverly Hills, there are a few around the Los Angeles area. 

Piven strategically parked across the street from the Newsroom Cafe in the red zone to avoid the paparazzi (yes, the Newsroom Cafe is like across the street from The Ivy).

When the celebrity spokesman was asked about his super sweet ride he said:

“If you get more hydrogen stations and you tell the governor like Schwarzenegger to put more hydrogen stations, we can have cars like this, ultimately. They will probably be ready in like ten years.”


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