A Wilshire rustic end table web 300x288 - Eco Friendly Furniture for Earth Day - Made in Los Angeles

The Wilshire end table in made of 100% reclaimed wood.

How reclaimed wood furniture helps save our Environment!

It is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day and time to renew our commitment to the environment we live in, our home, and our earth.
Deforestation continues to be a problem all over the world. Although the rate of deforestation has slowed in the last 10 years it still occurs at the alarming rate of nearly 214,000 acres per day with illegal logging representing the majority of all logging activity in forests throughout Asia, South America, Central Africa and the Baltic states.
The use of reclaimed wood  for Eco Friendly Furniture, not only reduces the need to cut down trees but it also keeps waste wood out of land fills and ultimately keeps the carbon dioxide inside of the intact wood. Live trees absorb Carbon dioxide and release Oxygen through photosynthesis. When wood decomposes in a landfill or is burned, it releases the carbon dioxide that it has assimilated, thus negating the carbon absorbing benefit it has performed over its lifetime.
The USA imported over $20 billion of furniture in 2009. Imports mean pollution and unregulated wood sources. A single ocean freighter idling in the harbor expels the same amount of toxic emissions as 350,000 automobiles.
Buying local or domestic products reduces the amount of fossil fuels required for the transportation of products from other parts of the country or the world, thereby reducing your “Carbon Footprint” and reducing the net impact on Global Warming. Buying local or domestic reduces consumption of valuable natural resources.

Eco Friendly reclaimed wood furniture from Urban Woods supports the US Green Building Council’s LEED credits in categories such as Resource and Reuse, Local Extraction, Local Production, And Indoor Air Quality. The use of Eco Friendly furniture allows for LEED credits on qualifying projects.

Take action today to help improve the environment.


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