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Environmental Furniture Design by Urban Woods


Every aspect of design and manufacturing at Urban Woods is done with the least Environmental impact possible and in the most Sustainable manner. At the core of the process is reclaimed wood which is a true “urban wood” as it comes from old, local buildings in Los Angeles. The source of the wood is local, thus eliminating the need for imported materials and excessive shipping impact on the Environment.

Environmental Furniture Design is often overlooked as an important part of the sustainability of the furniture manufacturing process. Proper design takes many factors into consideration.  The materials sourced, dimensions that minimize waste, design and function longevity (eliminating obsolescence), finish, and durability.

The best wood finishes for the environment are “water based” meaning that the solvent is water instead of petroleum and there is a significant reduction in “off gassing” during the drying process. The use of low VOC finishes helps reduce indoor air pollution and help maintain healthy indoor air quality.

Finally, the use of reclaimed wood which was originally milled over 100 years ago, results in a superior product due to the fact that it is more durable, with tighter grain patterns, resistant to bugs and has a natural aged patina with a distinctive look that is timeless.  Reclaiming superior wood is not only better for Environmental Furniture Design but it eliminates the harm caused by deforestation and and the waste caused by disposal of previously used wood.


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