Everyone’s favorite search engine (as if you had a choice) is also a friend of the environment.  Google offers its employees cash incentives for driving hybrid cars to work, it is responsible for the largest corporate solar installation in the U.S. and now offers a line of sustainable clothing in its on line “Google Store”.  The eco friendly offerings include organic cotton tote bags, a hemp travel organizer, soy candles and bamboo Blogger tee shirts to name a few.

On another note:

Blackle is like a Green Google that is Green because it is Black. Blackle’s home page screen is predominately Black and a  Black screen uses less energy than a white or colored screen.  While the actual energy savings may not curb our dependance on fossil fuels it can serve as daily reminder that we need to conserve energy.  At last count Blackle has saved 316,290.135 Watt hours of electrical energy.

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