logo LACCD little - How Green are You?Do you recycle your cans and paper, use efficient light bulbs or drive a hybrid car?  How do your efforts to protect the environment measure up with the neighbors and the rest of the world?

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Now there’s a way to find out. It’s the Greendex: a survey developed by National Geographic along with GlobeScan, a Canadian research firm. It’s part of a large-scale effort to track global consumer behavior and its impact on the environment over time.

For Americans, there was a lot of bad news along with some definite glimmers of hope. All in all, we have the biggest houses, we drive the most, and we consume the most goods. Yet a significant portion of American consumers report such changes as driving alone less often than they did last year. And 45 percent say that making greener choices has become a personal priority, while only 16 percent say they’re not trying to be greener at all.

Brazilian consumers had the best Greendex scores and the seemingly very green German consumers had more mixed results.

Take the Greendex Survey yourself and see how you compare the the average Brazilian.


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