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This holiday let the spirit of sustainablilty shine in your celebration.  There are some cool things you can do this holiday season which may be a departure from the traditional, wasteful ways of the past.

Everyone loves a crackling fire burning in the living room on Christmas Eve but think of the air and the alternative.  In 1966, WPIX in New York broadcast a video loop of a burning Yule log on Christmas Eve for people to enjoy the ambiance without needing a fireplace or fire wood.  It was a great idea then and the idea is still great.  Now you can have your own Yule Log burning and crackling wherever you end up on Christmas Eve.  Go to IYule.tv and download a 30 minute loop of a raging, soul warming fire to your iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, Mac, PC, XBox, or Zune.  iYule offers up several high quality downloadable versions of this roaring fire (with music, without music, widescreen, and so on) for a reasonable price ($5 – $10) and no DRM.

Even if the yule log doesn’t light your fire you can save trees by using Hemp wrapping paper instead if the usual paper stuff that is often printed with toxic inks.  A great selection of Hemp and Recycled Wrapping Paper that is printed with 100% vegetable inks and are 100% Bio-Degradable are available in many stylish patterns.

See Paporganics.com and Eartheasy.com

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