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Why Sleep on an Organic Mattress from The Clean Bedroom?

The Clean bedroom answer: Because we sleep away about one-third of our lives, that’s why! While we sleep, our immune system recovers and prepares for the day ahead. If your mattress is filled with airborne allergens and chemical toxins, your immune system will battle these rather than repair itself. Which sounds better to you (and your immune system)?

Regular bedding – a standard mattress laden with polyurethane foam, toxic flame retardants and water- or stain-resistant chemicals.  Most mattresses are made with metal springs and nylon covers which cause noisy and sweaty sleeping conditions.
Organic bedding — an organic mattress where materials are all-natural, clean and free of chemicals — the cotton is grown without pesticides; the latex is free of synthetics; for fire protection, pure wool is used.

Easy choice isn’t it?

Organic bedding may cost more, but you should think of your investment as you would the purchase of your family car: invest in safety, comfort, and peace of mind. Remember you’ll be sleeping on your organic mattress for 10 years or more — longer than you’ll drive your car — so invest wisely and sleep well!

Why buy your organic mattress from The Clean Bedroom?

If you’ve made a decision to create a healthier, more eco-friendly living space, you’ll feel right at home in one of their organic mattress showrooms. The Clean Bedrooms showrooms offer mattresses and bedding made from the purest organic and all-natural materials in the world. You’ll find no toxins, synthetics, or treated fabrics there — it’s a chemical-free zone. What’s more, their sleep experts will work with you to identify your specific comfort needs and will help you select the organic mattress that best suits you. So go in and take a test rest and you may fall in love with an Urban Woods bed frame to go with your new organic mattress.




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