Wilshire Dresser Rustic Raw 300x224 - The Reclaimed Wood Advantage

Reclaimed Wood Wilshire Dresser                                 made by Urban Woods


The Reclaimed Style

Reclaimed Wood furniture is not only beautiful but has many more advantages that are often overlooked.  The main reasons people like this kind of furniture is that they are looking for a unique, natural, rustic look or a vintage, industrial feel. Sometimes people are just making a wise choice for the environment by choosing a product for their home that does not contribute to deforestation.

All wooden furniture is not created equal. Furniture made of reclaimed wood is eco-friendly and is considered sustainable furniture. Reclaimed wood furniture is made of old pine or Douglas fir as most old building were made from these wood types.


Old Growth Wood Durability

In addition to the cool look of the furniture, there are many quality advantages to reclaimed wood.  Very often the wood that is reclaimed from an old building that was built many years ago comes from an old growth forest where trees grew slowly over hundreds of years.  The slow growth of these giant trees produced much better timber with very close growth rings and much denser grain.  The durability is so much higher than lumber that is harvested today and the dense wood is stronger and will continue to last much longer than newly harvested wood.  In most cases the reclaimed lumber is also resistant to termites due to the hardness and density.

Environmental Choice of Wood

There are many environmental advantages to using reclaimed wood for furniture making.  No trees need to be cut down and transported to a mill.  The wood has already been cut years ago and there is an ample source of it in any city.  The wood waste from demolishing old buildings can be diverted from the land fills where they are left to rot and release CO2/carbon.  Trees absorb CO2 and release oxygen during the course of their life and the CO2 remains sequestered in the tree unless it is released by decomposition or burning.  Leaving old wood intact keeps the CO2 sequestered so your furniture is like a carbon capsule which will hold onto that carbon for the life of the furniture.  Properly built furniture made of reclaimed wood should last for generations.







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