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Reclaimed Douglas Fir at Urban Woods

The term “reclaimed wood” may conjure many different images. Some might imagine sunken logs that have been rescued from Amazonian river bottoms, or old barn siding from a dilapidated Southern plantation, or a peasants home razed in the third world because the value of the ancient timber is more valuable than the shelter it provides. All of these woods are reclaimed by some one, some where for some purpose with some different method.

When it comes to sustainability and the making of sustainable furnishings one must consider the degree of sustainability of the ingredients. Is it constructed from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) wood (the FSC promotes responsible management of the worlds forests), Bamboo (actually a rapidly growing grass) or the most sustainable of materials, Reclaimed Wood from local sources?

Urban Woods is always striving to create a more sustainable product. In fact our products are beyond sustainable. By eliminating waste wood from landfills where they are left to decompose and release carbon into the atmosphere, reclaimed wood is “rescued” and repurposed for a second life.

See the full range of furniture made in Los Angeles from reclaimed wood and inquire about custom furniture options made by Urban Woods.

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