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Rustic reclaimed wood bed by Coyuchi


A great partnership

Urban Woods is a natural partner for the development and production of the newest rustic reclaimed wood bed and night stand.  These new pieces are  part of the “Rustic Wood Collection” for Coyuchi.  Following a long development process with the “Coyuchis” we are proud to present the newest line of reclaimed wood, hand crafted, zero VOC bedroom furniture.

Zero VOC

When you want a clean living environment which is free from toxins there are many hurtles to overcome.  Your fine, soft, organic linens need to be supported by bedroom furniture that does not add toxins to the air you breathe.  Our Zero VOC finish on natural rustic reclaimed wood is just the answer.  With no off gassing and no smell, your bedroom can remain pure and clean.

Rustic Reclaimed Wood

Everything  Coyuchi creates is designed to comfort and rejuvenate—body, mind and spirit—to help you turn your home into a unique and personal sanctuary.  Your bedroom furniture is an integral part of forming your sanctuary.  Solid reclaimed wood is not only healthy for your bedroom environment but good for the planet.  No trees are cut, no logs transported and no lumber is dried.  The old growth lumber we use was harvested from the forest over 100 years ago when trees grew slowly and naturally over hundreds of years.  The slow growth of these trees caused the lumber to be dense and strong and wis far superior to lumber harvested today.  The lumber is carefully extracted and repurposed into furniture that is made by hand using traditional wood working techniques.  Only water based glues and stains are used in the creation of the furniture.


Coyuchi was founded in California over 25 years ago with a mission to be the source for organic linens that respect the natural surroundings and enhance the lives of every one of their customers.  They believe that knowing where your linens are from and how they are made brings peace of mind.

Inspired by nature, they design products whose simple style is enriched by subtle textures, rich colors and refined details. The result is a sophisticated, relaxed and beautifully appointed home.

Coyuchi Bedroom furniture…


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